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12/Dec/2001 -

An internet Radio Station was born: Trancelvania

Trancelvania began its journey many years ago on the Live365 website with DJ Psikick as its owner and  founder. In fact we were one of the very first founding members on the website. We were one of the first stations to broadcast on Live365 as we went "On Air" on the 12 December 2001.


Our aim was to provide an alternative to the ordinary radio stations and to be dedicated to the music from the clubbing scene but staying mainly close to the Progressive Trance, Trance, Dance & House genre. That still remains our main aim today as we switch platforms to iRadeo as our host.


In 2008, we pulled the plug on Live365 and went off air for several internal reasons. But here we are again, with our own website and we are therefore very proud to be back "On Air" once again after many years of absence.


We hope you join us on this jourmey that we embarked back in 2001 and we hope that you enjoy the music as much as we enjoy broadcasting it for you.


In May 2016 Trancelvania® was registered under the TradeMark Act 1994.


Station image on the Live365 plaform in 2001

Station image on the Live365 platform back in 2001



Trancelvania's owner & founder, DJ Psikick, is your host and permanant resident DJ and programmer on the site. It should be noted that I can only play and broadcast single tracks and DJ sets from my very own music collection. During our Live365 days, I used to schedule LIVE events and connect through Shoutcast servers to broadcast to Trancelvania's listeners around the globe, especially on Friday nights. I really hope to be able to offer you LIVE! broadcasts in the future again as I aim to develop this radio station to more than just a hobby.

I welcome suggestions and feedback from our listeners and any one who wishes to advertise on the website and in our playlists.

So if you would like to get in touch, don't hesitate, drop me a line with your feedback and suggestions. 

Once again, thanks for tuning into Trancelvania - LIVE LIFE BEYOND LIMITS!

DJ Psikick

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