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Featured Review

  • 01. Reception

  • 02. Blueprint

  • 03. Your Face (feat. Eric Lumiere)

  • 04. Venera [Vee’s Theme] (Gouryella)

  • 05. Something To Believe In (feat. Eric Lumiere)

  • 06. Waiting (feat. Niels Geusebroek)

  • 07. Here We Are (feat. HALIENE)

  • 08. Edge Of The Sky (feat. HALIENE)

  • 09. A World Beyond

  • 10. Trust

  • 11. Lonely Inside

  • 12. Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE)

  • 13. Wherever You Are (feat. HALIENE)

  • 14. Drum’s A Weapon

  • 15. Reanimate (feat. Clairity)

  • 16. Another Sunrise (feat. Eric Lumiere and HALIENE)

  • 17. Eternity

Another collection of art for the trance lovers.

Like a film score that ventures from energizing to expressive gratefulness, Blueprint is expert Trance craftsmanship.

This style guides us through vast ideas and visions, and thankfully, always upgrading itself every time a music maker conceives a boundless outcome like this.

This is an extensive point of view on life and its endeavors. A remarkable collection of melodies and world-class hits. An explorative adventure awaits the listener.

The genuine diversion spirals in and out of its own world, driving our thoughts into our inner self too many times while pushing and electrifying us with its passion – the capacity to the enthusiasm and dynamically extend the electronic universe to any careless distracted listener.

Blueprint features a story-line seemingly coming out from retro sci-fi, the story of this awesome tunes collection guides and teases us along first and third individual portrayal.

Awesome experience!


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